Wednesday, November 17th: “Stitching”–Strategies for Connecting the Parts of our Essays

FIRST, we’ll check in with the sources in our collaborative annotated bibliography:

  • First, let’s organize them into clear sub-categories
  • What makes certain annotations more successful than others?
  • Do you see sources you want to incorporate into your paper?

Building on the new resources we’ve collected, we’ll review Harvey’s “elements” on the back of the assignment sheet–to understand why “sources” are only useful if we’re “oriented” toward them, and if they become well-integrated into a paper through “structure” and “stitching”

First, we highlighted types of transitional phrases you should be incorporating into your revision of essay 2 (a.k.a.: “Assignment 3”).

types of transitional phrases

Then, we spent time identifying multiple claims in a paragraph…  (thanks for letting us use your essay, Alex!)

identifying individual claims in a paragraph

… Last, but not least, we incorporated transitional phrases into actual sentences.

using transitional phrases in a sentence

(p.s. Notice my use of transitional phrases in this post!)

We will spend the last 90 minutes of class working on our papers, following exercise 2 on page 120 of the “Connecting the Parts” chapter embedded in this post.

*REMINDERS* An updated draft should be posted to My Reviewers by this Friday at midnight. Check back later this week for peer review directions for this weekend….

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