How to ask good questions, and get answers

  1. a) Is this a question that other people might also have, about an assignment, an idea in the reading, or the course in general? If so, ask it at the start of class! Don’t wait. (If I can’t address it then, we will come back to it.) If we are not in class when the question arises, but it seems relevant to the group, you may also consider posting it as a comment on the course blog.


  1. b) Is this a question that requires a meeting (about a personal situation, progress in the course, or working toward a major assignment)? Email me or see me during the break to make an appointment to meet during office hours.


  1. c) Is this a minor question that is specific to you and/or can be answered with, more or less, a “yes” or “no” response? Send me an email. I’ll do my best to respond within 24 hours.


Please note:

  • Directly after class, while I’m packing up, can be a difficult time for me to answer questions, as on most days I only have 15 minutes to get to my next class. Please be understanding of this time crunch.
  • Emails that I receive less than 24 hours before class about not being able to complete work for the course may not receive a response, and the missed deadline will still be noted. Please review the course schedule, keep up with the daily assignments, and plan ahead.


Look out for other helpful resources on campus! See the course blog sidebar for links to the Wellness Center, the Writing Center, and Services for Students with Disabilities.

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