Our final meeting: Wednesday, December 10th 2014

Dear all,

Our final meeting will take place in E-141 Wednesday, 12/10, from 8 to 10:15 am.

I will ask each of you to step out one by one to give you your grade for the course–and you may make a follow-up appointment with me if we decide that is necessary. I will also give you the grade on your reflective essays, though I need to keep the essay itself.

The grade breakdown (which will also be visible if you log into Blackboard after today’s class) is as follows

Blog posts and attendance = 20 points

Paper 1 = 32

Paper 2 = 32

Paper 3 = 32

Midterm = 25

Final reflective letter = 10

Peer review = 15

(total possible points = 166)

Tasks to complete on your own today include,

  • removing any identifying info from your final paper and uploading it to Digication (remove your name, my name, and the section number from your final papers and submit them to the Digication e-portfolio site, following the handout I distributed last week: depositing_assessment_digication_student)
  • creating a new document for yourself in a place you will check often (digital, hard copy, or both), entitled, “What I Want to Remember from Fall 2014 to use in future semesters” (the reminders can relate to this class or any other you’ve taken; it can include specific knowledge, skills, overall study habits, or anything else you want to recall later–build on this document at the start and end of every semester!).
  • putting your name on the sign up sheet going around if you want additional feedback on your writing to prepare for future courses (sign up times are Friday 9am-5 pm and Monday 9 am-5 pm) (optional)
  • Eat and congratulate yourselves on 12 weeks of hard work! I will bring in some food as well, which you can eat while you wait to meet with me (just be sure to be very neat in the computer lab!).

See you soon,

Professor Zino