Monday, November 17th: extending our writing from paper 2

A question many of you may be asking when reviewing the assignment sheet for paper 3 is, “HOW do we develop the discussion from paper 2?” We discussed four possible options (there might be more, but these would be the most common ways to deepen your analysis):

  • offering a counter argument (thinking carefully about whether you want to build up to the counter claim, or raise it early in order to the turn to a position you believe in more strongly),
  • adding a description of the underlying causes of this “problem” early in the paper;
  • adding more examples about the same claims you’re already making (if those claims are specific and accurate),
  • describing your own experience with the situation–be the expert.

In the second half of class, I’ll ask you to select a single paragraph of your paper to develop. Go back to My Reviewers and copy and paste a paragraph of the paper (you may have to download the PDF) into a Word document. Then, choose one of the four extension options and us it to develop your claim.

For next time, please add a second source to our annotated bibliography:

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