Course schedule

9/8: Course intro and class introductions; timeline writing experiment

9/10: Alone Together, Preface and intro due


9/15: Chapters 1 and 2

9/17: Chapter 3


9/22: Chapter 4; Definition essay due

9/24: No class


9/29: Chapters 5 and 6; model peer review session in class

10/1: Chapter 7


10/6: Chapter 8

10/8: Definition essay revision due; Library session, 8-9 am (meet in room E-101)


10/13: No Class

10/15: Chapters 9 and 10


10/20: Chapter 11
10/22: Chapter 12; Analyzing a Problem essay due; peer review in class


10/27: Chapter 13

10/29: In-class midterm


11/3: Chapter 14; revision of Analyzing a Problem essay due

11/5: Conclusion and epilogue; Introduction to researched essay (review of library session)


Nov. 10: introducing quotes/orienting to sources

Nov. 12: Discussion of Turkle conclusion and epilogue, begin collaborative annotated bibliography, hand out extension activity with updated Harvey rubric


Nov. 17: reflection and stance

Nov. 19: reflection, stance, with stitching

[Post revised draft by 11/21]


Nov. 24: PEER REVIEW PERIOD, 11/21-11/25. Come to class with a good example of each of the following from your peers’ papers – in class, talk with group and work on any categories you could not find.

Nov. 26: brainstorming/work on extension activities

[no class 11/27]


Dec. 1: Conferences with me on final paper while rest of class works on exam prompt

[review all your work on My Reviewers and review course blog]

Dec. 3: revised research essay due; write 600 word in-class reflection.

Final paper due no later than Friday, December 5th at noon. No extensions can be given on this deadline.

Meet me T 12/9 to M 12/15 next week for optional final grade conferences



Other important dates:

Last day to drop a course without a “WD” grade (not on transcript): Sept. 10th

WD withdrawal for partial tuition refund: Sept 9th – Sept. 20th

Withdrawal period (will receive a “W” on transcript): Sept. 21 – Nov. 4th

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