Guidelines for today’s peer review (Monday, November 24th)

What should have been completed outside of class–if you have not done so, the last chance to complete the peer reviews is during today’s session: The peer review on My Reviewers is now up and running and your early drafts of project 3 (in other words, a first revision of essay 2) should be posted. THIS SHOULD BE POSTED UNDER THE PROJECT 3, EARLY DRAFT category, otherwise your peers will not be able to access it during the peer review. Each of you should have received emails from the site informing you of your groups.

In this peer review, you will focus on three categories on the “Interpreting Harvey’s Elements” sheet (on the back of your assignment sheet for assignment 3): sources, orienting, and stitching.

Go to “display community comments” and include at least 2 community comments on the paper (they may be from the focus, evidence, organization, style, or format categories). Then go to “display rubric” and answer the following questions in your overall comment:

Sources: What outside sources does this essay refer to? Have they been cited carefully? Orienting: What bits of information, explanation, and summary have readers been given to introduce the quotations selected? Refer to one example from the essay. Stitching: Where does the essay use transition words to show the connection between one part of the argument to the next (either sentence to sentence, or paragraph to paragraph)? Point out a place where this is already happening, and a place in the essay where the writer might consider doing more “stitching.”

AFTER COMPOSING YOUR FINAL COMMENT IN MY REVIEWERS, COPY AND PASTE IT INTO A WORD DOCUMENT, PRINT IT OUT, AND BRING IT TO CLASS ON MONDAY FOR OUR IN-PERSON PEER REVIEW DISCUSSION. You do not need to fill out the rubric. Don’t forget to save and submit before moving on to the next paper in My Reviewers! These peer reviews, like last time, will be graded. The peer review window will close on Monday morning at 10:15 am. ***

Today in class:

We will begin with group interviews about your paper:

Each person should re-read his or her draft silently in My Reviewers (log in and go to “View my uploads”). After re-reading the paper, go to your peer’s feedback to see what community comments you have received and to read any final comments on your paper. (20 minutes)

After re-reading, close the tab with your paper open. When having a conversation, minimize the tab with your paper so that you can focus on describing what you’re trying to accomplish, rather than reading your essay to your group. Choose a group member to be interviewed and ask him or her the following questions. Every group member should take handwritten notes on the writer’s response and hand the writer the notes at the end of the interview (devote about 20 minutes to each essay):

  • What “problem” or issue does your paper analyze? Why did you choose this topic? Why do you think it’s important and deserves more attention?
  • Can you describe the problem in a sentence that breaks up the problem into features or parts you want to address (your thesis)? [Note: If the writer does not have a clear thesis, you can brainstorm possible thesis statements after completing the interview.]
  • Talk us through your whole argument so far. [Note: The writer should be doing most of the talking here; listeners might respond by bringing up suggestions, possible examples that have not yet been considered, or possible counter arguments.]

After these interviews, each group member may read his or her final comment on the paper to the writer, focusing on sources, orienting, and stitching. Hand back your notes to the writer, and describe your final comment, allowing the writer to takes notes on what he or she hears across the comments and to ask any questions.

After the first writer responds to the interview questions, that writer will ask these questions to a new writer. As the next writer responds, the group will take notes on his or her response and hand them to the interviewee, then they will read their final comments and allow the writer to ask any questions about them. Repeat this process until all members of the group have been interviewed and have the notes you took on their essays!

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