Today’s midterm

**We will begin the exam at 8:15**

English 101, Section 0974


October 29, 2014

Part I.

1. Open the paraphrasing method document we created. Go to page 242 and paraphrase the second long body paragraph (be sure to read the notes in the back of the book as well).

2. Re-read the section “A Beautiful Thing” (116-120) and the section “Temptation” (224-228). What types of intimacies are described in each passage? What’s lacking in each of these examples of connection and intimacy? Citing evidence from both these passages (in MLA format), describe how, read together, they exemplify the main claims of Turkle’s book: “in intimacy, [we find] new solitudes,” and “in solitude, [we find] new intimacies.” Do this in two to three brief paragraphs.

**Reminder, create a new Word document, cut and paste the prompts above into the Word document, and save it as “[first name, last name] Midterm.” When you have finished, upload your Word document to this folder in Google Drive:   If you have any trouble accessing this folder, simply copy and paste your response into this document:

Grading: Part I of the midterm will count as the equivalent of two out-of-class blog posts.

For next class, please do the following:

1) Read through the end of chapter 14 in Alone Together.

2) Keep revising paper 2 on your own (see the revision task I left you in My Reviewers) and bring a copy of your paper with you to the next class: bring a hard copy if you prefer revising on paper and a digital copy if you prefer to work on a laptop. Also, if you have not yet incorporated an outside source into your paper, please come to next class with a reliable source you plan to cite in the second essay.

Monday and Wednesday’s classes will be working sessions devoted to writing, revising, and conferencing with me about your paper. Your revised paper is due, uploaded as a PDF to My Reviewers, no later than Friday, November 7th at 5 pm.

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