Wednesday, November 26th in English 101: reviewing the elements of academic writing

Today in class we reviewed elements of the academic essay that you wanted more practice with, especially thesis, motive, stitching, stance, and orienting. Thanks to those of you (Steve, Sheeza, Ken, Shakyla, Mariama, and Jonathan) who volunteered your work!

We discussed the importance of formulating a thesis that has a structure built into it, so that you (and your reader) can follow that structure in the essay:

building structure into a thesis statement

Over the break: Please re-read the notes you’ve received from me and your peers on My reviewers over the Thanksgiving break to continue to revise assignment 3!

Extra credit: see this handout about generating engaging titles. Post up to three of your best titles from this exercise as a reply to this post before next class to receive extra credit. Make sure you include a title in the final version of assignment 3 that you’ll turn in on December 5th!

Finally, remember that next week we’ll compose the in-class reflective final essays. You’ll draft the essay on Monday; then, I’ll collect it and give it back Wednesday so that you can complete it and revise it. The best thing you can do prepare for this task is to review all the work we’ve done in the course on our blog, going back through each post and recall what we did each class. The blog is an archive of the work we did together over the last 11 weeks.



  1. In search of title:

    1. Welcome To The Life With Technology
    2. Leading To Media Addiction
    3. Media Is Indispensable Yet Addicted
    4. Dependent On Media
    5. Plug In Life
    6. Media Addiction Comes After Distraction
    7. Why Smartphone Is Challenging Life For Family?

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  2. Negative Impact of Social Media on Youth
    The Dark Side of Social Media
    Teen Texting: Help Your Teen Avoid The Danger
    Texting And Teenage Depression
    Technology — The Dark Side
    Has Texting Become An Addiction for Teenagers?
    Teenagers and Texting
    Teenage Texting Addiction
    Dangers of Texting while Driving
    The Negative Consequences of Texting and Driving

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  3. Title.

    – When Automation Takes Over
    – What Do We Do When Robots Take Our Jobs?
    – Workforce Invasion
    – Double Edge Sword of Robots
    – Working With Robots
    – Pros and Cons When Working With Robots
    – Fellowship of Automation
    – Evolution in the Workforce


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