This morning, November 12th, in English 101

8-8:15: Attendance. We’ll begin by reviewing the schedule for the rest of the semester.

We’ll review the blog posts you completed for homework, discussing your impressions of Turkle’s epilogue.

Then, we’ll discuss the “extension options” for assignment three, alongside the question sheet we will all use to set goals for the end of the semester: Interpreting Gordon Harvey’s elements. This is a good time to set a personal goal.


9:15-10:15: Building a collaborative annotated bibliography

First, what IS an annotated bibliography? Why is it worth creating?

I’ll ask you to cut and paste the sources you used for your second paper into a separate Word document, composing an annotation for what you think is your most useful and reliable source.

Then, paste your source and annotation in this Google document: **Add your full name above your entry to distinguish them from others. (Remember, three classes will be adding to this document.) You may contribute more than one reliable source and annotation for extra credit.

Turn to a partner and read each others’ annotations: do you each understand what the source is about? Do you need any other information to decide whether your partner’s source is useful?



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